ASJ now has a SHOP! (but it’s not what you think…)
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ASJ now has a SHOP! (but it’s not what you think…)

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After 10 years now of exclusively creating custom jewelry for clients, Abby Sparks Jewelry is getting a little sprinkle in the form of a SHOP (I KNOW…cue the RIPPLE). For 10 years now, you haven’t been able to outright buy ASJ jewelry and instead we worked together to create custom jewelry around your stories, your style, your life, and your own inner spark. We are not changing what we do in the slightest! I hope that we continue to lead the custom jewelry charge for years to come because that’s how much I still love and passionately believe that people want and need our collaborative, from-scratch experience for jewelry design & creation as a sheer option alone.

However, the only constant in life is change… cue the introduction of a new company called Love Lore Jewels.  ASJ will be exclusively launching the debut collection of a new company founded and led by yours truly, Abby Sparks (the human). While Love Lore Jewels has the same quality and eponymous excellence that you have come to expect from ASJ, Love Lore Jewels is not owned or affiliated with Abby Sparks Jewelry. Love Lore is its own company and has its own jewelry, identity, values, and brand. In time, Love Lore might also have more than jewelry alone; although jewelry is where we will start since ‘sparkle and brilliance doth run through me veins’. 🙂

My team and I have been working hard to bring this company to life for months now, even years. In all honesty, Love Lore began in 2020 when the world was shutting down. It wasn’t fully baked at the time and instead, looking back, it was a seed being planted. It took time though to formulate and create, and like all things birthing anew, I and those shiny humans that have helped behind-the-scenes to bring Love Lore to life needed the space, silence, forgiveness, and a sense of renewed hope and joy in order to better bring the company to form. Only in 2023 have we really had the capacity to develop the essence of the brand as well as the stories behind each piece, and in many ways, the brand and company of LL are still becoming.

Love Lore, in its very essence, is Love, and in its identity is Lore, as each piece has a small love story behind it. Love Lore Jewels bridges the past and the future of what it means to be human through the imagination and creation of fine jewelry. What does that mean, you ask? Like most great art, that exactness depends, and it’s up to you. I only share the jewelry, the story’s lead, and some really inspiring & imaginative graphics inside the brand. Ultimately, you are the writer of your story.

My hope is that you will not only love one or more pieces in sheer physical beauty alone, but that you will love and relate to the tiny tale behind a piece. Perhaps a piece just makes you smile, or feel joy or hope…that alone is success for me. I hope that the stories will be relatable, or even just recognizable in a very human feeling/longing/dreaming/knowing/_____(insert your own) way of the piece’s story, whether in yourself or in someone you love. If you purchase a piece, my hope is that you make it yours, and I urge you to pour into it your intention and your love. May it guide you and love you in whatever way you need.

Abby Sparks Jewelry is so honored to be able to debut such beauty for Love Lore Jewels. Just creating this message for you makes me tear up a bit, as it seems so personal for my original company to debut the jewels of this new one.

Abby Sparks Jewelry will be sharing the jewels and snippets of lore behind Love Lore mainly through IG and newsletter, so be sure that you’re following along. I am not doing a “launch” because it doesn’t feel right, and it’s too much to plan and hold and control. It’s not aligned with the very essence of Love Lore too. Just being able to release Love Lore to the world right now before the end of 2023 and at this special time of year is success and happiness to me, as it has taken so much inside and outside of me and others to even have the privilege of this moment with you.

I will keep you informed via ASJ newsletter and via the IG page for ASJ (@abbysparksjewelry) and for Love Lore Jewels (@lovelorejewels). Many of the pieces that I debut over the coming weeks (or maybe tomorrow?!) are one-of-a-kinds, so if you love it, and when it goes live, everyone will have a chance to purchase it at the same time so I encourage you to stay tuned and stay living in the present!

Thank you to those of you that have loved Abby Sparks Jewelry and the humans behind it for years now or since just yesterday. I hope that you enjoy this new Love Lore stream of brilliance that ASJ currently has the honor to debut for LL oh so soon.




Stay up to date on new jewelry and releases, follow @lovelorejewels on Instagram.

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