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Abby Sparks Jewelry Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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It’s almost here, one of our favorite days of the year… Valentine’s Day! Nothing makes us happier than showing love to those special someones in our lives. But how do you express how much you love someone? By gifting the most romantic, most thoughtful, and most unique Valentine’s Day gifts of course! Don’t know what those gifts are? We do. We’ve curated a selection of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, and of course, yourself.

Valentine’s Gifts For Your Wife

1. Abby Sparks Jewelry Custom Initial Necklace: 14k white gold with diamond accents, starting at $2,500, www.abbysparks.com2. Wine Soaps – Set of 4, $28, www.uncommongoods.com3. Fig and Yarrow Pink Love Salts, $32, www.figandyarrow.com4. Abby Sparks Jewelry Custom Anniversary Necklace: 18k rose gold with diamonds, starting at $6,200, www.abbysparks.com5. PL&C LOVE is…Chocolate Gift Basket, $65, www.pieceloveandchocolate.com6. Honeycomb Flower of the Month Membership, $50 a month, www.honeycombandcompany.com

Valentine’s Gifts for Your Husband

1. Abby Sparks Jewelry Unique Custom ManBand: blackened sterling silver, starting at $2,000, www.abbysparks.com2. STATE Nevins Backpack, $95, www.bloomingdales.com3. Abby Sparks Jewelry Custom Men’s Cuff Links: sterling silver with midnight blue sapphires, starting at $2,000, www.abbysparks.com4. Beard Pack, $40, www.uncommongoods.com5. SOREL 1964 Premium T’ Snow Boots, $150, www.shop.nordstrom.com

Valentine’s Gifts for Your Girlfriend

1. Whiskey Savoy Hat, $170, www.bonadrag.com2. Abby Sparks Jewelry Custom Engagement Ring: 18k rose gold with 4 carat diamond and diamond melee, starting at $68,900, www.abbysparks.com3. Abby Sparks Jewelry Unique Custom Bangle: 18k yellow gold and sterling silver with citrines and ruby, starting at $2,000, www.abbysparks.com;
4. Potpourri EcoSoy Candle, $42, www.shoptiques.com5. French Bulldog Bank, $300, www.shoptiques.com6. Abby Sparks Jewelry Loaner Ring: propose with a loaner ring and give the experience to create a custom engagement ring, starting at $5,000, www.abbysparks.com

Valentine’s Gifts for Your Boyfriend

1. Shaving Kit, $48, www.spinstersistersco.com2. Colorado Paramount Tee, $32, www.judithandjoeshop.com3. Abby Sparks Jewelry Unique Custom Cuff: sterling silver, starting at $2,000, www.abbysparks.com4. Beer Cap Map USA, $35, www.uncommongoods.com5. Paratrooper Boots, $140, www.spruce.me

Valentine’s Gifts for Yourself

1. Abby Sparks Jewelry Custom Earrings: 14k white gold diamond earrings, starting at $6,000, www.abbysparks.com2. Cleobella Hendrix Backpack, $359, www.melrose-madison.myshopify.com3. Heart Shaped Box Set: Crystal Candy, $40, www.sweetsaba.com4. Abby Sparks Jewelry Unique Custom Ring: 18k yellow gold with ruby, starting at $6,000, www.abbysparks.com5. Pom Knit Beanie, $32, www.inspyreboutique.com

About Abby Sparks

Abby Sparks is the founder and CEO of Abby Sparks Jewelry.