We’re Moving to Oklahoma
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We’re Moving to Oklahoma

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I started this business almost 9 years ago in the heart of Denver, Colorado. The Denver community welcomed me and Abby Sparks Jewelry, and like many things that we nurture and work very hard for, the company and brand evolved and grew. Together, we created beauty and jewelry woven from the fibers of stories and human connection. Sometimes, I feel like my jewelry is merely the bonus that blossomed from the sparks and embers of imagination (my clients’ + my team’s).


The heart always provides the guidance we need if we are quiet enough to hear its whispers. As some of you might know, I was born and grew up in Oklahoma. It has always provided me the roots and the warmth of family support that I needed. Some people may also know that I am a mother too. Change is constant, and motherhood is a little campfire within that inspires growth almost daily, and my babe is ready to experience some of the wonders that I grew up with.


The last two years have provided a plethora of opportunities for growth and change in almost all aspects of life, and Abby Sparks Jewelry was no different. During this time, we closed the downtown design studio and went to an entirely remote business model. Through this, we were able to continue serving not only the Denver community but also began working with clients nationwide to create our unique jewelry designed around their stories. We discovered that the wonder of our jewelry has no limit on its location. We were able to serve more clients and broader communities. We became more accessible. We were able to offer our clients an even better custom design experience virtually. Now, working with clients is better than ever thanks to the power of technology and a more streamlined remote design experience. My clients benefit, which is our benefit.


Denver will always be so dear to me, and I will keep a piece of Colorado tucked inside. Now Tulsa is calling but no matter our physical location, we are still creating magical, storied jewelry with you wherever we are.


With Gratitude,

Abby Sparks



A Note on VIP Treatments…

Because of the unique way we share with our clients from whatever location we are all in, we were able to explore new design directions and new opportunities in our work, which is very exciting and rewarding for us. We have expanded ways of continuing our care for your jewelry with our “VIP Treatment”. Effective July 2022, we will offer our clients continued care for their jewelry long after they have made their purchase by way of complimentary annual cleanings by mail. You ship us your ASJ jewelry pieces insured, we give your jewels our signature spa treatment, and we ship it back to you insured. In the event of damage or repair, the logistics are the same. We require 2-3 weeks for cleanings and possibly longer for repairs depending on what’s needed. Email us at [email protected] to get started with cleaning or repair.

To keep your ring clean on a regular basis, we recommend doing it yourself. Check out our ASJ video on how to clean your ring:

As a reminder, our care recommendations and do/don’ts with your rings can be found on our site here.

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About Abby Sparks

Abby Sparks is the founder and CEO of Abby Sparks Jewelry.