Blog Feature From the ASJ Archives: 2011 Branding Inspo
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From the ASJ Archives: 2011 Branding Inspo

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In celebration of our upcoming 5th Birthday, we’re going deep into the archives to share memories as we lead up to our 5 Years of Sparks Anniversary Party on September 27th.
This week, we’re going way back in time to 2011…when “Rolling in the Deep” was number one, and technology was at the iPhone4. Some of you sleuthy/mathy types might say “but that’s seven years ago…you said it’s you’re 5th anniversary” and you’d be right! Abby Sparks Jewelry as you know it did not become official until 2013. But 2011 was the year that Abby started musing about starting a business, and so of course, she began unbridled by gathering ideas in a vision board, however abstract.

“There’s something powerful about putting an intention out there, and not rushing the process, but letting the universe bring it to you. Maybe it’s a little different then how you dreamed it up…but it turns out being way better than you could have ever imagined.”
– Abby

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