Blog Feature 5280 Top of the Town : Abby Sparks Jewelry Needs Your Help
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5280 Top of the Town : Abby Sparks Jewelry Needs Your Help

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5280 is important because it’s an incredible publication that offers so much credibility to these individual businesses that are locally owned, locally managed. It allows them to really have a chance. It allows my company to really have a chance of being seen and considered by people in the Denver community when they are looking for an engagement ring, or looking for a wedding ring, or looking to celebrate their mother’s anniversary, and her 50-year marriage. Whatever it is life, death, birth, you know it allows us to just be in that list. So for me that’s the biggest thing, it gives me a chance to get in front of the right people so that they know they have more options than going to a big-box jeweler or going online.

You know we all as consumers, we are encouraged to find that vein that feels right when we buy something. For me, it was really important to go back to making something. Making a ring, making an engagement ring, making a wedding ring, really going back to our roots of being makers and creators and having some symbolism in physical pieces, for example jewelry. Jewelry typically captures these huge moments in our lives. So births of children, deaths of people that we love, the joining of two individuals like a partnership on a deeper level, these things in our life that define us, give us meaning. These really really joyous moments and sometimes to get to these joyous moments there’s so much richness that goes in. So when you get to these really big joyous moments you want to have a special commemorative piece that is made just for you. That defines that moment, that defines who you are, that defines your partnership, that defines the birth of the things that matter to you, that have meaning.

So for me, I started this company because I saw a lot of disconnect between something that has so much meaning or supposed to have so much meaning and it being over commercialized. It becoming just a commodity. You know a ring was no longer…we were too disconnected, for me, from that symbol of what that ring means to being basically like a product. So I wanted to give people the option of making something for that. I love people. I love their stories. I love holding a space for my clients in order to just see them, hear them, and bring a piece to life that really reflects to them. I love giving them an option in an industry that’s really filled with the commoditization of jewelry. Let’s make something for you. I like allowing people to have that option, I like helping hold space for the things that they think are crazy ideas. I’m like no let’s do it!

So 5280 voting, please vote for us! It’s so important that we have the community support so that we can continue to do what we do in here and offer our services to the entire city. You can vote once a day using one email address. We’re in two different categories, jewelry designer and fine jewelry in the shopping category. So once a day just put a little notation in your phone, “go vote.” And be sure vote for other people too – your favorite bars, your favorite restaurants, your favorite music venues, this is really kind of power of the people here. Help support the people and help support the community and help support those vendors and those individuals taking really big risks on these really small companies, because I can tell you having a small company in the sea of just corporate options is really, really tough. It requires a lot of strength and courage. So it’s important that you take this opportunity to show who you care for, what you care for, with the power of your vote everyday for those people.

Click here to cast your vote, and be sure to save this link so you can come back to it everyday.

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