5 Most Common Engagement Ring Center Stones
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5 Most Common Engagement Ring Center Stones

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A custom engagement ring is becoming more and more common, and we are fascinated with the creative ideas our brides and grooms dream of. From added texture to a pop of color, Abby Sparks Jewelry designs custom engagement rings with the unique and non-traditional bride or groom in mind.
Whether the client is looking for a traditional diamond center stone, or they want to step outside the box with a stone like an emerald, here are the 5 most popular center stone options.

Mined Diamond

custom diamond ring
For centuries, a mined diamond has been the front runner for a center stone in an engagement ring. Sparkly, pure and luxurious, it’s easy to see why a bride would want a diamond. Plus, diamonds come in practically every size, shape and color.


unique blue sapphire engagement ring

Not everyone wants a diamond. Trust us, we meet many unconventional brides and they don’t want a 2-carat princess cut diamond on their finger. Sapphires are stones we suggest often, as they are a hard stone, they come in many different sizes, shapes and colors, and they still add a wow-factor to an engagement ring.

Lab-Grown Diamond

conflict free diamond ring

For the bride that wants a diamond, especially one that is over two carats, a lab grown diamond is a popular choice. Chemically and visually the same as a mined diamond, moissanite is increasingly becoming a popular choice that has a much lower price tag than a mined diamond.


emerald ring

Believe it or not, we’ve seen more emerald engagement rings than we can count! This stone, although a bit softer than a sapphire, offers a unique look and a high level of magic. This stone also comes in different levels of green, plus it comes in different sizes and shapes.


blue topaz ring janmarie

Not a fan of a green emerald or deep blue sapphire? Topaz is another option that we suggest to clients that want something a bit unique. Topaz stones come in a variety of colors, from navy blue to light blue, and even pink! The most common shapes of topaz are round and oval.

About Abby Sparks

Abby Sparks is the founder and CEO of Abby Sparks Jewelry.