4 Reasons to Repurpose Your Heirloom Jewelry
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4 Reasons to Repurpose Your Heirloom Jewelry

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Like anything in the fashion industry, trends come and go. While a classic design will always be timeless, some jewelry can quickly lose its appeal when trends and tastes change. This can lead to high-quality, heirloom jewelry being left in a drawer. Here at Abby Sparks Designs, we believe that no heirloom should be left behind. We are experts at repurposing heirloom jewelry into beautiful, custom jewelry in Denver, Colorado that you will love to wear every day. As you begin thinking about breathing new life into your heirloom jewelry, here are some key reasons to make your vision a reality.

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Repurposed Stones Reduce Costs

In addition to sourcing the highest quality diamonds and gems for our custom pieces, we also love to repurpose the stones from dated and heirloom jewelry. While this is a great option for preserving the sentimentality or importance of a piece, it can also reduce costs. Large heirloom stones can be a great alternative to sourcing a new stone while providing significant savings.

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We Offer Metal Credit

When you choose to repurpose your heirloom or dated stones, it can be hard to say what to do with your old setting. Luckily we give you the option to recycle your precious metal and receive a metal credit toward your new piece. Sustainability and lower costs mean that you can choose exactly what metal will suit your re-imagined piece.

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Expand Your Family

For many people, heirloom jewelry has been passed down through the generations as a means of welcoming and integrating new people into the family. Heirloom stones are perfect for custom engagement and wedding rings and provide a beautiful history of love for a newly engaged couple. We can integrate old stones into a custom, modern ring to welcome your special someone into your family.

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Honor Your Family’s History

Heirloom jewelry tells a family’s history. These pieces have been preserved and cherished for years and have often been in a family for generations. Rather than having this history sitting somewhere in a drawer, why not re-imagine it into something that you will actually want to wear. We love giving family gems a fresh start in life via a “new” fine jewelry piece that encompasses our clients’ unique aesthetic while also maintaining the sentimentality and family story/legacy embedded within the stones.

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