4 Pieces of Jewelry to Get Custom Designed For Yourself
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4 Pieces of Jewelry to Get Custom Designed For Yourself

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Jewelry is something practically everyone loves. It’s a form of self-expression, fashion and even a nod to a person or time in our lives. On the lookout for something special for yourself or someone in your life? Custom jewelry can be the perfect gift.



For most of us, a necklace is sort of an afterthought when putting an outfit together everyday. But whether you prefer something flashy or simple, a necklace can tie together your complete look. Why not wear something that perfectly encompasses your style? A custom pendant/necklace is easy to throw on everyday, and it can even be worn all day, everyday if it’s petite and simple.



If you already have a wedding ring and aren’t looking to add a band to it, there are still plenty of excuses to design a custom ring. After all, you have nine other fingers you can dress up, right? Whether it’s for your pointer finger, thumb or pinky, there’s a ring and style for every finger. If you have an heirloom, use the stones to update it. Or, go in a new direction to show off your favorite color, metal or birthstone.



Men, if you wear suits most days of the week or you just want to add a little something to your look, cufflinks are the way to go. They can be simple or extravagant depending on your personal style. Complete your look by adding that bit of flare.



If you have enough jewelry around your neck and on your fingers, there’s still one area of your body that always looks good rocking some jewelry: your wrist. Abby Sparks Designs creates beautiful bangles. With either a couple stones or a bracelet full of them, bangles and bracelets are an added touch you can never go wrong with.

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