4 Easy Tips to Have a Stress-Free Wedding Week
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4 Easy Tips to Have a Stress-Free Wedding Week

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Guest Blog By Stephanie James

The excitement you feel the week before your wedding is like nothing else. All the preparation, anticipation and organization have been building up to the big day, and now it’s almost here! The week will fly by in a flurry of activity as you complete the final tasks to make your wedding day the best day ever. To ensure it passes in the most pleasurable way, follow our tips below for a stress-free wedding week!


Prepare Yourself

You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day. The week before you tie the knot, prioritize self-care. That means getting enough rest and being kind to yourself. It’s important to choose a bedtime and wake time in order to get your body on a proper sleeping schedule – especially with all of the pre-wedding jitters. This will ensure you get enough beauty sleep to feel and look fresh when you walk down the aisle.

Arrange your beauty essentials for different days of the week before your wedding. Treat yourself to a manicure with gel tip nails. Arrange a facial so your skin feels and looks radiant. Take care of your hair with a trim, treatment, and if you haven’t already had one, the pre-wedding hair trial, so you’re comfortable with the style you’ll be wearing when you say, “I do!” Arrange a spa day for some deep relaxation too. These preparations will help you unwind from the stress of wedding planning and relax for the big day.



Delegating tasks is essential for having a relaxed wedding day. For starters, the Best Man can pick up the rings. Tasks such as checking with suppliers, arranging the final decorations, double checking on deliveries of flowers and picking up dry cleaning or other items can be delegated to your bridal party, family and friends. They’ll be more than happy to help and play a part in your big day. If you have guests arriving from abroad, consider asking a friend or family member to pick them up. On the day payments for suppliers can be handed over to a trusted friend.

According to this article, certified wedding planner Kevin Dennis recommends task delegation and limiting your planning hours and time for running errands. “Juggling a full-time job and even navigating the busy schedule of family time can be tough but breaking up your tasks and setting small weekly planning goals for yourself will keep you from running yourself ragged.”


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Obviously, there are some tasks you will still need to do yourself, like trying on your wedding outfit, practicing your vows and collecting your marriage license. Some states require a waiting period between the license collection and actual ceremony, and all have expiration dates, so be sure to check the marriage laws and adhere to them.

A final check of the guest list, seating plan and attending the rehearsal dinner should also be completed by you and will help get you in the mood to enjoy the best day of your life. Double check you have everything you need and pack for your wedding day if you’re getting married away from home. You should also pack for your honeymoon if you are heading off somewhere after the celebration. This will help you remain cool, calm and collected on the big day without thoughts of what still needs to be done running through your mind as you walk down the aisle.



You’re likely to have a lot of nervous energy the week before your wedding. This can make it difficult to switch off and relax. Stick to your usual workout schedule to rid yourself of stress, boost endorphin production, and give your mind time to relax while your body gets to work. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your skin healthy. Consider a yoga class or hiking outdoors with your fiancée a few days before the ceremony to stay grounded and keep things in perspective.


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Looking after yourself as your wedding day approaches is one sure way to make the best of the big day. Taking the time to complete essential tasks and rest before you say “I do!” will give you the space and time you need to feel relaxed and ready for your best day ever.

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