3 Trends For Custom Engagement Rings in 2016
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3 Trends For Custom Engagement Rings in 2016

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Engagement rings are meant to be special and personal. That’s why many people are going the custom engagement ring route in 2016. And, custom engagement rings in Denver are getting more and more popular this year, with all the word of mouth compliments about going custom.

If you want something truly different for the love of you life, going custom with Abby Sparks Designs is the way to go. Here are three trends that you might want to incorporate into the custom engagement ring for your love.

Rose Gold

custom ring

White and yellow gold are probably the most popular metals for custom engagement rings, however, there’s another option that is seen more and more these days: rose gold. Rose gold has a flicker of pink shine that adds dimension and interest to your custom engagement ring. It’s different, and it also adds enough personality that it might be the way to go to make this ring stand out among the others out there.

A Halo

yellow diamond ring

Another huge jewelry trend for 2016 is a diamond halo around the center stone. We’ve definitely seen this in year’s past, but the halo is probably the biggest trend this year. Whether you pick a small or large center stone, the diamond halo adds sparkle and dimension, without overpowering the center stone you chose for the custom engagement ring. This halo could be in white diamonds, or you could pick a more colorful stone for a touch of flare.


blue topaz ring janmarie

Speaking of color, another option to take your custom engagement ring design to a whole other level is by incorporating colored stones. Whether you go the blue topaz (above), yellow diamond route, or you add some emeralds or sapphires to the ring, there are endless possibilities.
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