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Your 10 Most Common Questions About Engagement Rings Answered (Part Two)

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Last week, we decided to crack Your 10 Most Common Questions About Engagement Rings wide open.When it came to all the surface details of your future custom engagement ring, such as choosing your ideal kind of metal band or deciphering if you lean towards a classic diamond or a colorful gem stone center, Abby Sparks Jewelry supplied the answers you wanted to be cognizant of.Yet that list only scratched the surface (not on your ring, of course!) There’s still a lot of questions to address around the topic of engagement rings.



While we usually first think about the visual elements of engagement rings when it comes time to pick one out for your left hand, there’s deeper, critical points to consider. Buying an engagement ring doesn’t just happen at the wave of a magic wand, after all. However, we’ve got a good guess on what you’re starting to think about: “How much should I spend? How do I find out her ring size? God forbid, what if she says no?!”

Once more, you’ve sought out the right spot for the solutions to all your engagement ring conundrums. For you and all the wonderful people like yourself caught up in the same situation, we’ve answered the rest of your 10 most commonly asked questions about engagement rings. Let’s dive into it:


1. How Much Should I Spend on the Engagement Ring?

Oh, the act of purchasing an engagement ring. Whether or not it feels like it will be a grand investment for you, believe us when we say that this little symbol of love will be linked with a high reward. So let’s get to talking numbers. What is the best policy to follow when calculating what slice of your paycheck needs to be budgeted towards your lady’s rock?

You’ve probably heard the rule that you need to spend at least two to three month’s salary. Though we don’t know your financial situation, we do know women. 1 carat is the minimum most women will expect for their engagement ring. If you can’t afford it, save up or opt for design elements like a halo that will give her more sparkle with less carat weight.

But above all, the amount you choose to spend for an engagement ring is up to you.

Don’t let anyone pressure you into thinking there’s a fixed margin you should spend.  Thus, you have free agency over your price range. Like with anything, you should spend what you can afford. So take into account what assortment of designs you want boasted on that sparkler and figure how that jives with what you’re comfortable on spending from your pay roll.

Custom engagement ring made with 14k white gold, 1.10 carat diamond, and 0.64 ctw rough diamond melee custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Chelsea.

(Trying to get a sense of how much an engagement ring will cost you? One with a 1.0 carat round diamond center, a white gold band, and a rough diamond halo accent like The Chelsea estimates to $16,100.)


Pay close attention to the four C’s of the engagement ring (which you can read more about in our part one article of this question and answer series). They stand as the biggest influence on the price tag of the ring. We’ll let you use Abby Sparks Jewelry’s Chelsea custom engagement ring as an illustration of what to expect. Our cherished client came into our studio requesting an edgy-meets-exquisite engagement ring. The white gold metal band makes for a more cost friendly setting. The fire from the perfectly balanced round cut 1 carat diamond, accompanied with a rough diamond halo sets the ring apart from the standard, which you can assume raises its value. Obtaining a ring such as this will start at about $16,100. Curious how other engagement rings rack up? Browse our custom engagement ring gallery and get to investigating.

Hopefully that puts it into a bit of a perspective. Do your research on how much the dream ring will cost you, then evaluate if you need to save up or compromise. On the chance you’re still feeling frazzled, hop onto our blog post we oh so appropriately titled “How Much Should You Spend On an Engagement Ring”, which kindly breaks down average costs of engagement rings and what your money goes towards in more thorough explanation. Check it out before you grab for your checkbook.


2. I Always Hear the Phrase ‘Certified Diamonds’. What Does This Mean?

If the ‘certified’ title makes a diamond sound official, that’s because it is! A certified diamond is a diamond that has been graded on each component of the Four C’s. The gem was closely inspected under a magnifying glass, and with an unbiased assertion, it will be concluded as either supreme, commercial, or a grade below in comparison to those amidst its class. As a result, the jewel is appraised and documented.

Who gets to do the honors, analyzing such brilliant specimens? The most reputable labs in the country, hailed by the names of the AGSL (American Gem Society Laboratories) and the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) produce lab reports that enclose the grade of every diamond they gaze at. They report the cut, measurements, carat weight, color grade, clarity, polish, symmetry, fluorescence, its naturally mined location, flaws/inclusions, and proportions of the diamond. By the process these labs conduct, they ensure you are about to have a high quality (as well as fairly priced) in your possession. Once each merit is determined, the information is sent back to the jeweler or owner in the form of a certificate. Think of it like a report card… except this one that you won’t want to hide from Mom and Dad.

Having a certified diamond grants you a peace of mind knowing the diamond you’re donning is in mint condition. If you choose to design a custom engagement ring with Abby Sparks Jewelry, we promise every single one of the diamonds and gems we place on your beautiful piece is GIA sourced and certified. Just like that of the solitaire shine we know you’re admiring on The Danika below, every diamond that walks out of our shop is appraised. Be encouraged that certification only serves to amplify the value of your engagement ring.

Custom engagement ring made with 14k rose gold and 1.23 carat brilliant cut diamond custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry, The Danika.

(Every diamond that walks out of the Abby Sparks Jewelry studio is GIA sourced and certified. Above: The Danika, a 14k thick white gold band topped with a certified 1.23 carat solitaire diamond.)


3.How Do I Find My/Her Ring Size?

A lot of people overlook what their ring size is, but it’s a vital to keep in your memory. You must have a ring that slips on with ease but still fits snug. Sizes range from 3-15, with a size 6 and 6.5 emerging as the average for women. There are a few methods you can try if you’re seeking out the number for yourself. The most common strategy involves a strip of paper, a ruler, and a pencil.

Wrap a long, thin strip of paper around the base of your left ring finger below the knuckle. Tick off the point on the paper where each end overlaps. Measure the stretch of the mark, then compare the measurements with the chart below to distinguish your ring size.


Ring size chart, how to find my ring size, what's my ring size, finger size


Maybe you’re a courteous gentleman who is taking on the brave task of shopping for an engagement ring for his missus. In this instance, go into stealth mode. Sure, you can outright ask her what her ring size is, but why ruin the surprise? You can attempt to approach it in a more subtle way and say you want to buy a ring for your sister/mother/relative and need to see her finger size as a reference.

Her friends may know the number off hand, so it doesn’t hurt to ask them. If they are clueless, you could snag one of the rings out of her jewelry box for the day and a jeweler can match it to the best of their ability. (Just be sure to put that ring back where you found it!) If you believe she’ll be suspicious if you did any of the above actions, no problem whatsoever. We can resize her ring after the question is popped.


4. What Do I Do with the Ring if She Says No?

OK, OK: reading those words probably put a pit in your stomach. Nobody likes to think of the worst case scenario. We certainly don’t want to envision the negative, but sometimes you have to be prepared for any possible outcome. So, let’s take a deep breath and be fearless while venturing into that dark part of our imagination for a few moments if, in the off chance, she were to decline the proposal.

You could pawn the ring or simply store it as a keepsake. Most likely, though, your first inclination will be to return back to the counter your ring came from and ask for a refund. Every jeweler will instill a different rule, but generally, most won’t accept the ring back. While we ladies here at Abby Sparks Jewelry would be very dismayed to hear the heartbreaking news, we too do not offer returns. But we detect you’re the type to proceed with caution, so to you we offer the idea of a Loaner Ring to propose with if you aren’t sure if she’ll be answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


The Loaner Ring, temporary engagement ring to engagement ring custom made and designed by Abby Sparks Jewelry.

(Not sure if she’ll say yes? Propose with our Loaner Ring before fully committing to the permanent deal. Then if things are a go, design a custom engagement ring with Abby Sparks Jewelry to bring it full circle.)


The loaner ring resides as a temporary placeholder for the actual engagement ring. For $500, you can ‘rent’ this replica to ask the big question, then later stop in and custom create the engagement ring together once she exclaims “Yes!” Then, on the other hand, if she says ‘no’, you aren’t committed to the permanency of an actual engagement ring. Either way, you can say it’s a win-win.


5. Where Should I Buy the Engagement Ring?

You’ve done all the prep work for your prudent decision; now it’s playtime!

There’s a sea of jewelry stores out there, and it is vast and unrelenting. We understand it probably seems a little overwhelming when there’s so many options to have to narrow down from. Sure, you’ll find plenty of gorgeous, mass-produced diamond engagement rings at big box jewelry stores. But, the problem with the chain retail stores is that they don’t design with you in mind. Rather, they design for the majority. 9 times out of 10, you’re also going to deal with pushy salespeople that try to convince you to settle on blah, cookie cutter engagement rings. Where’s the originality; the innovation; that extra little spark?

For the stylish, self assured bride-to-be that prides themself on their individuality, we wholeheartedly recommend a custom engagement ring as the perfect fuse of a romantic statement combined with a stunning piece of jewelry everyone will ask about. At Abby Sparks Jewelry, you get to be the jewelry designer. Every small ingredient you ever yearned for on an engagement ring will surely be included. The engagement ring is one of the most significant kind of property you will ever own, so go all out and let it reflect you entirely.

Right side profile and details of the The Morgan, an engagement ring made of platinum, 5.57 carat sapphire, and 1.28 ctw diamonds custom made by Abby Sparks Jewelry.

(True blue romance, featured on a white gold, 5.57 sapphire engagement ring. The Morgan.)


Show your full devotion for your partner through metal and stones hand picked for them and them only. One of our favorite clients, Dan, did just that when he walked through our door to design the Morgan engagement ring exclusively for his sweetie. Foregoing the common diamond centerstone, Dan instead believed a 5.57 carat sapphire better fit the image of his charming bride who also happened to love Princess Kate; the muse for the ring. And boy, was he right! Now Morgan graces a ring that no other can duplicate. From the sapphire, to the diamond halo, and the glorious platinum metal, The Morgan is all her own. Skip the jewelry store counter and instead, design your own custom engagement ring like Morgan and Dan did to best express your own personality and style.

Show her she’s one in seven billion and do it custom style with Abby Sparks Jewelry. Bring in your inspirations and we’ll deliver a piece exhibiting your engagement ring cravings to the maximum. We’re just a quick consultation away in Denver’s beloved LoHi neighborhood! Call 303.957.6502 or contact us online now. The engagement ring you’ve always fancied for can soon be your’s.


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